We support our clients in observing best-practices for the management of data that is central to their business operations. Our document and data management service offering includes: operational data capturing solutions; large scale data capturing projects; data conversion; data processing and analysis; and data cleansing.


  • We understand the importance of accurate data capturing to support the business processes and operational needs of an organisation.
  • Utilising a combination of our leading “OCR” software and our highly trained and experienced data capturers, we deliver valuable electronic information to allow our clients to focus on their core business.
  • We will define and agree on the template, database or system to be used in data capturing with the client.
  • The required output format to be discussed and approved with the client.
  • We offer a range of language capabilities.
  • We apply security and confidentiality measures to all assignments.


  • We also offer solutions for once-off  data capturing projects where an organisations seeks to capture large volumes of data that may not be in the normal course of their day-day operations such as:
    • Employee surveys
    • Customer surveys
    • Census data
    • Election data
    • Research related data
  • We will gather the requirements of the organisation to ensure we develop a customised solution that supports the objectives of the project.


  • We offer general scanning of documents (on-going and once off) for clients.
  • Once documents have been scanned, documents are converted to PDF to preserve the integrity of the document and are uploaded directly to our servers.
  • Applying optical character recognition (“OCR”) software to the PDF documents so the documents are searchable.


  • Our appropriate methods of data analysis are determined by the data types and variables of interest.
  • We take a systematic approach to data analysis that begins with properly locating, scoping, acquiring, testing and verifying data.
  • Once the data has been verified and migrated to a stable platform, we employ a variety of analysis tools and techniques to analyse and compare data.
  • We apply statistical and / or logical techniques to describe and illustrate, condense and recap, and evaluate data.


  • We apply appropriate methods of detecting and correcting or removing corrupt and inaccurate records from a record set.
  • The actual process of data cleansing may involve removing typographical errors or validating and correcting values against a known list of values.
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